GOOD Projects - New York, NY | Associate Strategist

BYO consulting - New York, NY | Strategist

Translator - Milwaukee, WI | Junior Experience Design Architect


Minneapolis College of Art and Design - Bachelor of Science: Visualization, specializing in Experience Design

Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand - Study Abroad: Industrial Design Theory, Anthropology, Sociolinguistics

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Hi there! I'm Lauren Baier and I study and design experiences for humans — from services, to objects, to spaces, to digital environments. Though I'm passionate about the crafting experiences for the "end user" I'm also devoted to creating great experiences for clients. I believe that part of my job is to educate and empower people to do amazing things, collaboratively designing solutions that are innovative yet pragmatic.

I provide consulting services in the field of experience design strategy, including:

» advice on user-centered design

» ethnographic research

» workshops to develop engagement strategies

I am also open to freelance projects and other interesting collaborations.

I can be reached at laurenbaier[at]gmail[dot]com or on Linkedin. I am currently based in NYC.

Additional samples of client work available by request.

Designing for People NYC

I recently founded Designing for People NYC, a meetup group convening all sorts of folks that create experiences for people -- from architects, to urban designers, to product designers, to web/app designers, to service designers, and more. The group will facilitate the sharing of concepts, methods, and tools between members -- helping us all to expand our design processes.

If you're interested in joining, check it out here: If you're interested in presenting or participating in a panel, please get in contact with me!